Personal Training: Using Video to Increase Profits

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Lift to Run Website and Training Videos

Start-ups are a unique opportunity to have a completely blank slate to work with. When given the chance to work with personal trainer, Josh Rossi, to develop a strategy to share his expertise at a larger scale online, Captivate Media hit the ground running.

The world of fitness is changing.  With online training available at the touch of a subscribe button, Rossi saw a need not only to make his expertise more accessible to the running enthusiasts and personal training clients that he has worked with for over ten years, but to reach people across the country looking to become faster, more efficient runners.

Enter Lift To Run, a subscription based video training program that allows runners looking to improve their race times and gain overall strength.  With series of videos customized to the individual’s skill level, the Lift to Run program allows users to participate in a six week long program of proven workouts that gradually build strength and speed; whenever or wherever they choose.

Captivate Media developed a brand for Lift to Run with a sense of speed and strength highlighted in the logo and aesthetic.  In order to house these videos along with the ability to educate the customer on how the program works and receive payment for the subscription, Captivate Media built a robust and user friendly website.  The crisp, upbeat videos feature the precise movements that Rossi makes so that the watcher can easily replicate them.

Lift to Run was a unique project for Captivate Media as the videos were not only promotion for the product, but the product itself.  When educating a consumer, video is far more engaging and easy to follow while multitasking than written content, making athletic conditioning and video a perfect match.

Videos are an excellent tool for startups to let their target audience know them as a company and as a brand as well as an introduction as a new business.  It’s the ideal way to tell people what you do, how you do it, and how they can find you.

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